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What I wear and use

Saturday, 31 October 2015 | Written by  |

I get asked this a lot - What do I rock when I am on the bike? Find out in this post! More after the jump....

My jacket is no longer available, but it is an older D-Dry Jacket. Black with white accents, as you know I love my white and black theme.

I wear Dianese Drake Air Pants.

I wear Dianese 4 Stroke and Scout Gore-tex.

Shoes and Boots
I wear SMX1 shoes and SMX6 waterproof boots.

I wear a Shoei RF-1100, but this is now discontinued. I will be getting two new helmets for next season, and I will release these soon!

Shoei RF-1100

Camera Equipment / Other

These are links directly to the products I use:

SENA 20s
GoPro4 Black
Sena GP10 Bluetooth
Ram Mount: iPhone 6 Cradle
Ram Mount: Short Arm
Ram Mount: Clutch/Brake Kit
Ram Mount: U-Bolt
GoPro Gimabl
GoPro Gimbal Handheld
Lexar Memory Card

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